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EST Energetics restarts recycling operations after fire damage and is looking for new employees in Rothenburg/Oberlausitz

The recycling company EST Energetics GmbH has good news to report: after extensive maintenance and repair work, the German company successfully resumed recycling operations in Rothenburg/Oberlausitz. EST Energetics can continue recycling lithium metal batteries and ammunition just a few months after the fire incident at the plant. The reconstruction of EST's factory hall, which will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, is proceeding according to plan, and new jobs are being created in Rothenburg/Oberlausitz.

The managing director of EST Energetics GmbH, Stefan Blümel, commented: “The resumption of our partial operation is an important step for our company, which shows that the hard work of the last months has paid off. EST Energetics is and will remain a reliable partner for our customers in the professional treatment of ammunition, batteries, and explosives.”

Recycling operations successfully resumed

Following the fire incident on August 21, 2022, which was successfully extinguished thanks to the rapid intervention of local firefighters, extensive repair, and maintenance work was initially carried out. In mid-May, partial operations were resumed. For this purpose, work containers were temporarily equipped with modern recycling facilities, and some work steps were outsourced to them. Initially, the material currently in storage will be recycled. In Rothenburg/Oberlausitz, EST Energetics recycles lithium metal batteries, fireworks, pyrotechnic items, explosives, ammunition, and airbags.

Reconstruction proceeds according to plan

The planning phase for the complete reconstruction of the work hall has also been completed. After the building application was submitted at the end of February, the second part of the tender process for reconstruction is currently underway. "The civil engineering work started in May and the building construction work is planned for the fall. At the beginning of 2024, the reconstruction at our site should be completed, and normal operations will resume" said Stefan Blümel, Managing Director of EST Energetics GmbH about the further schedule. 

General Atomics Europe group supports the reconstruction

In this crisis, the General Atomics Europe group once again demonstrated its strength and internal cohesion. The holding in Dresden supported EST in project management, communication, and handling with the involved insurance companies, as well as in planning the reconstruction. As a result, recycling operations could now be resumed after just a few months. For resuming operations quickly, a separate, temporary factory building was constructed. In addition to work container systems, precast concrete parts from B+F Beton- und Fertigteilgesellschaft mbH Lauchhammer were used. At the same time, the construction of the work hall damaged by the fire is underway, so that EST Energetics GmbH  can operate at capacity again.

During the reconstruction of EST Energetics, some employees worked at the Lübben (Spreewald) site of the sister company Spreewerk Lübben GmbH, which is active in the recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

Harald Robl, CEO of the General Atomics Europe Group, was very pleased about the good cooperation and mutual support within the group: “ Especially in crises, real cohesion becomes apparent. The reconstruction of EST Energetics is a good example of how the individual companies of the General Atomics Europe Group can work together and support each other. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the process for what has been achieved so far.” 

Looking for new employees in Rothenburg/Oberlausitz

For successfully resuming recycling operations, EST Energetics is currently seeking new employees in Rothenburg/Oberlausitz. For electricians and electronic technicians for automation technology, an attractive welcome bonus is waiting at the start and after completion of the probationary period. In addition, the company is looking for a commercial employee. Currently, the site has 58 employees, and there is a need to fill five additional positions. For more information on current job openings at EST Energetics, anyone interested can visit: