Treatment of Lithium Batteries

EST Energetics‘ treatment of Lithium batteries removes all dangerous components from the batteries so that the inertized remains can be recycled. During this process primary cells (non rechargeable) and secondary cells (rechargeable) are treated in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Batteries are accepted in loaded, partially unloaded or empty condition.



Primary Cells:

  • thionyl chloride cells, sulfur dioxide cells,
  • lithium manganese cells, high temperature cells,
  • thermal batteries, packs or batteries of these cells,
  • battery packs for defense applications

Secondary Cells:

  • lipos, fepos, Li-ion cells, power-tool accumulators,
  • bicycle batteries,automotive Li-accumulators

Customers of EST Energetics are battery return system organizations, battery OEMs, end-users from the civilian and defense sector.


Latest modification: 21.01.2021