New recycling building opend

At the beginning of April, after 10 months of intensive construction, the new EST Energetics GmbH feeder building was opened.

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Recycling of lithium metal batteries

The EST treats lithium metal batteries to remove the hazardous components and recycle the contained residual materials.

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Airbag disposal

Disposal and recycling of restraint systems from the automotive and aeronautical sectors.

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Disposal of fireworks

EST Energetics GmbH can process all kind of obsolete fireworks and other pyrotechnical products in in a professional and environmentally compliant way.

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EST Energetics GmbH has the capability to professionally process ammunition and all kind of explosives.

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We are EST Energetics GmbH

EST Energetics is a certified specialist company for the recycling and disposal of dangerous goods and explosives. With around 60 employees in Rothenburg/Oberlausitz, we recycle and recover lithium metal batteries, airbags, ammunition, explosives, fireworks and pyrotechnic articles in a professional and environmentally compliant way.


Recycling Services

Energetics is a reliable partner of the disposal industry for the environmentally compliant recycling and thermal recovery of lithium metal batteries, airbags, ammunition and explosives at the Rothenburg/Oberlausitz facility.


About Us

As a certified specialist company, we can rely on many years of experience in recycling, disposal and thermal processing. Our quality management has top priority in order to avoid environmental impacts and to ensure the safety of our employees.


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